Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept. 30

Seven times a day I praise You, Because of Your righteous ordinances.
Psalm 119:164

Seven times a day? Do we even take seven times a day to Praise Him? We would like to think that we do. It shouldn't be in those "wow" moments that we take time to do it. There are so many reasons that we should take that time and praise Him, but we get caught up in everything else and put Him on the back burner.
Just this morning coming back from taking Ethan to school, I was looking at the mountains and thinking how blessed I am to get to see God's creation in so many ways each and every day. Coming over the lake was incredible with the fog lifting over the lake. I did take that time and say "Thank you Lord, for creating this for me to enjoy!" Realize that He has created many many things just for you to enjoy today. Look for Him all around you, He is here! Recogize Him and Praise Him! He wants to spend time with me and you.

It's Me

Instead of stressing out over being so far behind, I am starting again. I will save the others for next year. As usual I just prove that I am human and fail God daily and I am sorry that I failed you too as my friends that needed a little encouragement. Keep me in your prayers!!