Monday, March 14, 2016

Come on a Treasure Hunt with us!

Tomorrow night I will meet with my group of ladies at the church. We are called the Bloomers.
We have just come off of revival and several have shown the interest in wanting to study the Bible.
I have done this blog off and on for several years now and God has kept bringing it to mind again.

He is where everything began for my Daily Gems blog...

I have a book that was given to my mom when she was little. A book filled with Bedtime Stories. I remember reading these books as I was growing up and one story stuck with me all these years.
It's a story of Doreen and her Jewelry Box. All she wanted a jewelry box for her birthday. He parents gave her a Bible. Upon opening her present she threw it in the corner, very disappointed that it was only a book, and not a jewelry box. Her mother then proceeded to tell her that is was indeed a jewelry box, that it had great treasures from God inside, she just needed to look to find them. The jewels are found by scriptures that begin with the letter of the jewels.

My thoughts come to finding the jewels of the month. January - Garnet, finding scriptures that begin with G. As I have been progressing along, and finding other websites that I like about Bible Study, I found a site call Good Morning Girls on Facebook. They are reading through the Bible together and I liked that concept too, but still praying, I wanted to do something a little more different. So here I am, beginning a new walk, with new friends, and I pray that you will join us too.

On Wednesday, we will begin in Mark - 16 Chapters - Studying Monday-Friday, reading one chapter a day. Grab a journal and write this out as we study together. Keep in mind as you write, you are leaving a legacy, something that your kids can treasure when you are gone, they can see how you studied and what the Bible really means to you. We will read the whole chapter and find a gem. It doesn't have to be an Aquamarine (Birthstone for March), but find a jewel, write it out and then reflect on what it means to you. Close in a prayer the day.
I am very excited to take a new journey with you.

Concept on Paper:

Mark 1

My Gem18 At once they left their nets and followed him.

My Reflection:  It was when we first packed up our house to moved to our first church when I truly understood this verse. We had no clue to what we were getting into, we just knew that God had called us to this church and we had to trust that He would use us for His glory! We had to realize that God was enough, just as those who left their nets! Following Him was the best decision that I ever made! It's hasn't always been easy, but He has walked with us all the way. God has a purpose and a plan for each of us, all He wants us to do is follow Him.

My Prayer:  God, Thank you for calling me to follow you! My prayer is that I will keep me out of the way and let You guide me! For each lady that reads this blog, and shares her story....Bless them in ways that they can't imagine. May our journey with you be the greatest treasure hunt we have ever been on. Thank you for your treasure box - and for your Son - the greatest Jewel that we could ever find!

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