Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,
Col. 2:6

There are 24 entries found for the meaning of the word “in”, but here are a few that really fit for us to walk in Him:
After the style or form of:
So as to be available or under one's control:
In a particular relationship:
Influence; power: -

Now let’s think about it, how do we find that “style or form of”? We read the Bible and find out more of how Jesus walked on earth, as we do that we are also spending time with him. “To be available or under one’s control”: We must talk with Him, ask Him what we can do for Him, be yielded to what He wants us to do. We must show up and say “Here I am – use me today!” “In a relationship”, we must realize that to be God’s child we must be willing to spend that time with Him, to grow that relationship. He will always be there for us, but we must take that time to be there for Him. He will never be the one to walk away from us, He will always be the one who is standing there with arms wide open waiting for us to turn back around. And last the “influence and power”, God wants to give us all of that, He wants to infiltrate us, use us, but we have to once again make that choice to be used of Him.
Ask Him daily to use you, look for the opportunities to show others that you are His child. When you give your life to God, that is great, but you must also walk a different path, a different way, one that is worthy of His calling. Be different, be bold, be more like Christ in all you do!

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