Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26

Hebrews 13:25
Grace be with you all.

When looking up the word grace you find lots of meaning. When you get down the list you find the word theology before giving the meaning - the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.
Now to go another step in understanding:
freely -costing us nothing
given - put in our care
unmerited - not deserved
favor - state of being approved
love - a feeling of deep affection or concern.

It is hard to understand sometimes why in the world He could love us, we definately don't derserve it, we so often hurt him, reject him and don't show often enough how thankful we are or should be to Him. But He looks beyond our faults and looks way inside of us and He believes in us, He has Hope for us. Take time today to Thank Him, if for nothing else, just for loving you enough to send His Son just to die for you. You do realize that if you were the only one here on earth that He still would have sent Jesus to die for you. Makes me feel that much more unworthy! Thank you God for loving me, for giving me love when I don't derserve it, for beleiving in me, when I can't even beleive in myself. May we feel your presence today and realize that your Grace is with us!

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