Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan. 7

Matthew 28:18
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

When thinking about Garnets, this verse popped into mind. I didn't act upon it and then on Tuesday this verse came up in a youth leaders meeting and then again last night in a teacher's meeting. This was my conformation that I was to use this verse. My first thought about this verse was the word nations, we may not be taking this outside of the United States, but we have to realize that most all of the nations are right around out doorstep now! So we do have an extra opportuntity to take it to all nations.

Now for what I wrote last night during the meeting and the scripture used was verses 18-20:
The command is to Go, it's not asking us if we will or if we want to, we are told to just do it. Don't ask questions, don't grovel, just go! Do as He says. Making disciples, what are disciples? Followers of Christ, people who are different becuase of the touch from Christ. People who don't want to stay the way they are after coming to know Christ. They realize that pit they have been snatched out of and they want to share this news with others. Our desire should be to let others know what Christ has done for us. Not only sharing what He has done for us, but then going beyond, learning more about Who Christ is and we start growing as a Christian. As it was said, we cannot stay where we are, we have to Go, Teach, and Observe. We have the comfort of knowing that God will be with us in all that we do, we will never be alone. He will give us the strength and courage to conquer anything and be able to share with anyone. Jesus didn't ask us to do anything that He wasn't willing to do himself. We must now realize that there is a task at hand, we must Go! Dont' wait, Go and be blessed.

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