Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13

Praise the Lord in song, for He has done excellent things. Let this be known throughout the earth.
Isaiah 12:5

What excellent thing has He done? He created us! He created us to worship Him and what better way can we worship Him? PRAISE. Today we had an awesome song service, and even better a couple went up to pray during the praise and worship and I did just what God called me to do, go up there and pray with them. It was awesome. And then to step back in the pew and experience God all over again! Listen to Him!

Now back to Praise, we have got to learn this an start expressing it more. I say the best way to praise Him is in the car! Turn up the music and sing along. What better way can others see you expressing your love for Him than when you are singing to Him, raising your hands up and soaking Him in! (But do keep one hand on the wheel when driving) You can't tell me you have not heard God say, "Do it, just raise your hands and worship Me." Do what He says, I promise you it's refreshing. It's time to start practicing for our eternity with Him.

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