Monday, June 7, 2010

June 4

Pray, then, in this way:'Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.
Matthew 6:9

Even when I was little I remember learning this prayer, it has to be the most popular prayer ever know from Scripture. This is how Jesus instructed His disciples to pray. We don't think very often about having instructions for praying do we. First we must think about the first part - Who we are praying to. This is huge for us, for we know that there are many relgions out there but we serve the one true God. When we say our Father, we acknowledge just who He is to us. As a child who grew up without a Father, reading this became very special to me. I understood, that I had an earthly father and I was told how much he adored me. I can related to God being my heavenly father in a way that some may not. I can't see Him just like I couldn't see my earthly father, but I know that He is real and that He loves me beyond measure because I am told of this. I accept this as the truth (this is faith). Next we are to acknowledge where our Father lives, He is in heaven. Why because we know that He is the creator of this earth, and He is far beyond where we are and He has prepared a place for us later, which is Heaven. Hallowed be your name, hallowed means to honor as holy; consider sacred; so this we know about God, His name is Holy. So I beleive that when Jesus was teaching his disciples to pray he was telling them to remember just who God is - He is our Father; where He was - in Heaven; and always to remember what is so important about Him - His Holy name.

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