Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct. 11

On the lips of the discerning, wisdom is found, But a rod is for the back of him who lacks understanding.
Proverbs 10:13

I think about how it is very smart of us to think before we react to anything. When we step back in a situation and look at it and line it up with the word of God, then we are being the wise ones. When we just jump into a situation and don't think about what we are doing, then we do open ourselves up to ramifications. Thinking of that "rod" and "the back of him" takes me back to being a parent. Our children may get that spanking for making that judgement call that is wrong to what they have been taught, and the same thing goes for us as children of God. He will chastise us for our lack of understanding when we "eat a bowl of stupid" as Chris says. But why shouldn't he? We also need to be disciplined. We need to be better at stepping back and assessing the situation before we jump into anything. Be wise!

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