Monday, October 26, 2009

Oct. 14

Only in the land of Goshen, where the sons of Israel were, there was no hail.
Exodus 9:26

Even then God had His hand on a place when there was destruction all around. He does the same every day, and people seem to miss that there is a "God" story there. We have seen pictures of devastation all around and then still in the midst of it, there can be a miracle. What gets me the most is that people never refer to God in the miracle, they seem to want to blame Him for the destruction. Sad isn't it? So often the true story of why something is allowed to happen doesn't even get shared. I think so often that it's in the middle of the destruction is when God can be found the most.

So next time that you hear of something bad, look for God, He will be right in the midst of it, and He will shine, but it won't be the world to let you know that He is there.

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