Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21

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Psalm 25:2
O my God, in You I trust, Do not let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me.

There is a reason that the psalmist had to say do not let me be ashamed. It just natural sometimes for us not to share what God has done for us, or even to encourage others at time when we should for Him. I don't think its wrong ask God to take care of our enemies either. We first should realize that they are out there, sometimes even taking the form of another "Christian" but we also must realize that they, whether Christian or not, are letting Satan use them in ways that are not pleasing to God. Remember "WE WIN"! So when that enemy is near, remember that God already knows it, and He will be beside us all the way. Just remember to stand firm in the Lord, speak His words and Trust in Him! It's not wrong to ask for Boldness from God - receive it and use it!

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