Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14

Do not trust in a neighbor ; Do not have confidence in a friend. From her who lies
in your bosom Guard your lips.
Micah 7:5

This verse comes from a chapter talking about Isreal's moral decine but oh how well it fits in todays society. It's amazing to see how somethings have not changed in centuries.
At first I was thinking this is easy, but then I realized I am that type of person, I don't assume that everyone can be trusted. Then I got to thinking, why do we get this warning? It is because many people are not trustworthy or could this actually be a warning to others about us? I know that we want to think that we can trust everybody but that is not the case today. We are to be wise, listen before we speak, watch others, see how they communicate with others. We should be slow to speak and most important, we are to guard our lips. More damagae can be done with words than anything else, we can destroy people by what we say about them and the same can be said of us, we too can be destroyed by somebody else's words.
Just be careful of those around you, listen to what they are saying about others, sometimes if they are that easy to talk about others, then they are doing the same about you. And be more careful as you speak, always think about what you are saying, is somebody watching you to see if you are trustworthy?
I do believe that we all need friends, they help bring us joy when days seem to be unbearable, but we must be careful, there is a reason that we are told to be careful.

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