Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15

Destroy them in wrath, destroy them that they may be no more: That men may know that God rules in Jacob to the ends of the earth.
Psalm 59:13

This would seem to be just so easy, a quick fix to all the sin in the world. For me, somebody who doesn't have grace and mercy, I be like wham - your gone! But we serve an awesome God, who loves people that are making wrong choices and doing wrong things, and always giving them just one more chance, knowing that these people were also worth dying for. I need to remember that these people God loves just as much as He loves me and even though He could just take them out of this world, He will leave them here, and who knows, He may just be calling me (and you) to be the very one to help show this other person Jesus.
So today, instead of getting aggravated when you see somebody doing wrong, extend grace and mercy to them, let them know that you serve a loving God that cares for them, that wants them to do right,and that wants them to know the Lord. You can be a warrior today, not to destroy but to rescue one from the enemy.

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