Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23

"Destruction and misery are their paths,"
Romans 3:16

Now this chapter is talking about the world, not Christians. It describes the very nature of a lost person. Now somebody may not be destructive as in tearing down buildings but they are still trying to destroy the name of Christ. When I think of misery being their path, it takes me back to my mom before she became a Christian. She believed she was saved because she joined the church and was baptized, but she did not live the life of a Christian. She would always say "I know the Lord and He knows me, but it may not be just like you." Well my prayer was that God would make her so miserable that she would know whether or not she was His! And guess what - it worked. After she got saved we were talking about it, and she told me that she would sometimes come home from work and be so miserable. I laughed and then told her that had been my prayer for her. She told me it worked! I think that those who do not know Christ are miserable, they don't have the peace of God in their lives and they truly don't know what to do. My challenge to you is to watch people, what do their faces show? Are they happy, sad, miserable? Maybe you need to be praying for somebody to be miserable enough that they realize where they stand with the Lord. Yes it took several years, but to see that prayer answered was incredible! Continue to show the love of Christ to them, so that one day that person will say - "I want to know God like you know God!"

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