Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb. 3

Psalm 35:28
And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness And of your praise all the day long.

After this weekend I am reminded that the world does not just speak about Christ in general conversations. After getting on the train in Chicago a group of Sailors got on with us. They were using words that were not in our vocabulary at all. My first thought was Ethan is going to hear this and then later repeat it. First and foremost what should have happened was that I should have been offended more than worried about Ethan hearing it. But I am thankful that my husband saw the look on my face and intercepted what I was going to say and he politely ask them to watch their language. He did remind these young men that they are suppose to be examples for young ones to follow. So that brings me to my next thought. Are we being examples for young ones to follow? Not only young children, but young Christians. Are the words that come out of our mouth positive and uplifting, proclaiming the goodness of Christ? In all the we do and most of all in what we say, we must realize that others are watching and listening to us. What are your actions and lips saying to others? Think about it. Listen to the scriptures and learn how to be more like Christ, speak of His righteousness and Praise Him all day long!

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