Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 11

James 1:19
This you know, my beloved brethren But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;

Great words for us to listen, ponder and act upon. For me this is probably the hardest. I always have something to say about the subject of converstation. I am trying to apply this verse more often. Quick to hear and slow to speak. Sometimes I may not be saying anything at all, because I am also working on that slow to anger bit.

When somebody is speaking to you, what are they really trying to say? Sometimes we may need to look deeper into what is being said. You know what general converstaions are, but sometimes people can be crying out for help or saying one thing hoping that you will see the real truth behind it. I think that is why we need to be quick to hear, to really listen. Often we just half way hear, speak what we think and go on.

I think that we need to be slow to speak because when you say something, that is it. You can always apologize for what you have said, but the damage can already be done. You really can't undo! So again, be slow to speak - what are the words of your mouth going to do to the person in front of you? Sure it may make you feel better for getting it out, but don't be damaging - some things are better left not said.

Slow to anger...that is one to work on. Again listen to what is being said to you. Is that person just trying to make you mad? Sometimes yes, and why? Because Satan wants to steal your joy and he will use other people to do that. Take a look at the person, don't get mad at them - just let the devil know - it will not work! He cannot have your joy and you don't have to get mad (at least not at the person). Ask God to rebuke Satan and place your thoughts back to Christ so that you can be a reflection of Him. Then when your words do come out, others can see the Jesus in you!

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