Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15

Matthew 22:20

And He said to them, "Whose image and inscription is this?"

Now I know that this verse is talking about the denarius that was handed to Christ, but my thought goes to a person looking at us. Can they see the "image and inscription" that is on us? When others take a look at us what do they see before we even open our mouth? Can they see the seal of Jesus on us? Better yet, if a glass was between us and them and they could see us talking but couldn't hear it, can they see a difference there too? Our faces can give us away sometimes, our hand motions, just about everything does. Do we show peace and love on our face or are we looking angry and frustrated?

Now I know that I am asking a lot of questions, but this is one of those things to think about. I know that more often than I like to admit, my tone gives me away to when I am talking, and then they laugh and say that my face says another thing. That it can be all pleasant and smiling but the tone that I am using is telling a complete different story. So this is something too that I must work on. I don't want to come off as an angry and bitter person, I want others to be able to see kindness and compassion in me. And yes I know that I don't even have a thimble full of compassion in my but I really want to work at that! God has it and I know that He can flow through me and give it to me when I need it!

So today I say be an observer. First look in the mirror and take a look at yourself, what do you see? As your day goes on, look at others, see what the reflection is that you see someing off them. And if you know that somebody is a Christian and you see Jesus in them, let them know. Sometimes we do need to be reminded that others can see Christ in us. That should be our goal.

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