Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

Nahum 2:1
An attacker advance against you, Ninevah, Guard the fortress, watch the road, brace yourselves, marshal all your strength!
This is very important for us to remember as Christians. We seem to forget that there is a battle going on against us. We must always be prepared for the attack against us and know that it is coming so it doesn't take us by surprise. Satan will do all that he can to destroy us and take our joy. We must stay focused on God!  Not only do we watch for ourselves but we must pray that hedge of protection around the ones that we love, because if Satan can't get to us, he will go after the ones that we love. Don't forget that in the end we win! God is the greatest warrior that we have to fight with us in our battles. Don't forget to call upon His name; Satan cannot stand in the presence of God.

Now if you remember I told you that Tuesday is very important for us to pray, and here is why:
One of my former pastors got on a plane one day. Bro. Tim said the man beside him looked at him and ask, "Are you a preacher?". Bro. Tim said "Yes". The man said "I am too but we don't serve the same one". He then proceeded to tell him that he was Satanist. That on Tuesdays, they pray for the destruction of all Christians. And on Halloween they come together go all out in prayer against Christians and families.

So as Christians we should really be on guard and really be in prayer on Tuesday! We now know that somebody is praying against us! Oh and do you remember what day Sept. 11 was on - yes Tuesday. This was told to me years before Sept. 11.


  1. Very true! Thanks for your prayers!

  2. Great post! Oh how true, we must be battle ready armed with His Word and the authority given to us through the Name and Blood of Jesus!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!